The series title, 'Anugraham' translates to ‘grace' in Tamil and the 12 image titles denote - 1 Circumambulation, 2 Flag Raising, 3 King, 4 Kannan (the child Krishna), 5 Performer, 6 Primordial Matter (Illusion), 7 Truth, 8 Kinship, 9 Fruit, 10 Gnosis, 11 Love, 12 Sacrifice. The series was photographed by Durga Rajah at the Burning Man festival, 2017 in Black Rock City, Nevada.


The festival theme was 'Radical Ritual' and I performed under the auspices of Jason Avery's [The Camp With No Name]. This work celebrates the gifting ethos of the Burning Man festival while problematizing the 'traditional' vs 'radical' dichotomy implied by this years theme. 'Radical' as opposed to what? Indeed, I suggest that rituals persist, or become traditions, only because they are constantly revivified and, as such, all rituals are in some way 'radical'.