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The Mango of Truth performance was presented twice during the Burning Man event. The first  performance took place at our Burning Man Camp site. 


I presented an antique terracotta icon of Krishna, under the 1 Pazaham Neeyappa banner. I recounted Krishna myths of love and truthTara Rajah wore an Indian 2 Indian Cowboy T-shirt as she played an extended improvisation of Joe Ely’s Indian Cowboy on the Cello. Jane Frankish read from her 'Poems on the Megaphone'. We presented 40 perfectly ripe mangoes to the audience.


For the second performance we took Cowboys and Indians out onto the open playa. This time we distributed 80 mangoes. We shared love and truth and mangoes ... till the sun went down. The images that constitute this series were all shout in the course of this 2nd performance.


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