Koboi Balik Lagi is based on photography done during the Seni Di Kota Symposium and Exhibition curated by Zanita Anuar at the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur in December, 2015. In the original Koboi Balik Kampung, I attempted to present myself the Koboi within a vast panorama of the nation's culture, politics and life. I photographed signifying moments in and around Kuala Lumpur over a time span of three weeks. In Koboi Balik Lagi, I take on the challenge of finding and presenting the same significations, metonymically, within the reduced narrative time and pictorial space of one morning at the National Art Gallery. Koboi Balik Lagi is thus a more narrowly focused and self-reflexive Koboi narrative. The photography for this series was by Zuraini Anuar who is the award winning art director and production designer in Malay cinema. The installation at the Singapore Biennale was documented by Jui Hsiang Tan.