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The 6th series in the Koboi Project, 'Cowboys and Indians', consists of a pair of photographs titled Pazham Neeyappa and Indian Cowboy taken in Singapore in November 2016.


1 Pazham Neeyappa is realized as a large image of the Koboi standing before a hoarding of SUPERSTAR Rajinikanth, gesturing forwards and upwards with a mango in his right hand. The photograph was taken outside the Coliseum cinema in Singapore in 2016. The mango represents many ideas in Hindu mythology, including enlightenment, love and truth.

Indian Cowboy is a small image that presents a more intimate and personal subject. ​The image was snapped candidly in the space of my installation at the Singapore Biennale. It is an image of a reunion of two friends, two Indians, two Southeast Asian artists one Singaporean and one Malaysian, accompanied by members of their families. My friend is pioneering Singapore artist S.Chandrasekeran, who is known for his intensely physical and quasi-ritualistic performances. 

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