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The audio for 1 Pazham Neeyappa is a Tamil movie song accompanies the scene in the devotional film Thiruvilaiyadal in which Lord Murugan leaves his heavenly abode in anger over parental injustice in the competition for the mango of enlightenment. Legendary carnatic vocalist K.B. Sunderambal, playing the poet Avvaiyar admonishes Murugan for his failure to recognize that he is, in himself, the prized fruit of enlightenment. "Thou art the fruit, The fruit of Divine knowledge art thou."

The audio for 2 Indian Cowboy is Guy Clark's rendition of Joe Ely's ballad The Indian Cowboy which is a is allegory of the tragedy of the Americas.

The Indian Cowboy

If you ever go out to the circus 
Where the Wallendas walk on the wire 
I'll tell you a tale to remember 
When the white horses leap rings of fire 

It was a cold night in Oklahoma 
The show was about to begin 
The animals they were all restless 
When the star horse she broke from her pen 

She was a mare of high spirit 
Just like a whore on Saturday night 
She's kickin' and buckin' past the men who were brushin' 

The elephants lyin' on their sides 
Next to the tent sat some lanterns 
They were dangerously close to the hay 
That mare headed straight for those lanterns 
Some fool had put there by mistake 

Then up stepped some Indian Cowboy 
His lasso went whirlin' throught the air 
In the full dead middle of danger 
He roped that runaway mare 

Then the elephants raised up their trumpets 
Two of them broke from their chains 
Stampeded that Indian Cowboy 
Who had saved the big top from flames 
So if you ever go out to the circus 
Where the Wallendas walk on the wire 
You just remember that Indian Cowboy 
When the white horses leap rings of fire

Music and by Lyrics Joe Ely, sung by Joe Clarke

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