2 Pujaan Ku, the second image of Kedualan Si Koboi, is named after an unforgettable number from the P. Ramlee film Gerimis whose release just preceded the Malaysian race riots of 1969. This film can be said to mark the end of an era in the Malaysian cultural imagination. It tells a story of love between the Malay and Indian protagonists, Kamal and Leela respectively. Ramlee plays Kamal and Malaysian Indian actress Chandra Shanmugam plays his lover. Gremis is the product of a youthful and idealism now lost in the realities of an older and more jaded Malaysia. Pujaan Ku is a masterful pastiche of the old cowboy favorite Oh My Darling Clementine with the Tamil portions of the lyrics sung by Malay singer and actress Saloma, Ramlee’s wife. An ode to love across racial and religious divides, Pujaan Ku is a call to recognize the oneness of all Malaysians and, indeed, of all mankind.