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Kiasu Cowboys is the 5th Koboi series and is based on photography of a set of performances, presented in conjunction with my installation at the Singapore Biennale 2016, in which I performed a ritual offering to lord Murugan and and salutations to Rajinikanth SUPERSTAR.The installation consisted of the Kedualan Si Koboi series, the Koboi Balik Lagi series and an antique terracotta icon. John Tung, assistant curator at the Singapore Art Museum, was my accomplice in these performances. The individual images in this series are titled in Tamil and Malay and the series title is in Singlish! Images 1 to 9 attempt to articulate a metaphysical view (in terms of soteriological and aesthetic ideas) - 1 Irumai (Duality), 2 Orumai (Oneness), 3 Pirithal (Division), 4 Padaithal (Offering), 5 Valthal (Salutations), 6 Cuvai (Taste), 7 Naamam (Name), 8 Roopam (Form), 9 Vinai (Action); while Images 10, 11 and 12 might express a sociohistorical proposition - 10 Layanan Mesra, 11 Air Susu and 12 Harimau Asia. Among the photographers of this series are Jane Frankish and Muhammad Hassanuddin bin Yusof.

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