The photographs that make up this series were taken in the course of th Dari Pusat Tasek performance at the Lumut waterfront on the 25 Dec 2019. The Naan Anaiyttal banner was raised in a performance based on a Malay cleansing ritual. After 7 parts of my body were rubbed with lime, I faced East and spat seven times. I then  threw the remains of the limes in the Westerly direction exhorting, "Pergi-lah semua sial jambalang daripada badan aku dan dari tubuh negara, pergilah ke Pusat Pasek Pauh Janggi", (‘Misfortune and spirits of evil begone from my body and from the body of the nation, begone to the Navel of the Seas) Then water was poured over me to complete the cleansing. I was supported in these ritual actions by Malay cultural activist Sang Nabil Utma.

© by Niranjan Rajah, 2020.

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