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The Dari Pusat Tasek  installation and performance was presented by Percha Artspace, Lumut Perak Malaysia in Dec 2019.

Premise - All the waters of the world are ultimately received at the Pusat Tasek, bringing to its swirl all of the flotsam, jetsam and refuse of the world. The Pusat Tasek of myth (wayang Kulit, Mak Yong, establishment of the Perak Sultanate) and and maritime writings (Pigafetta) seems to coincide with the contemporary swirl of the North Pacific Gyre - a place at which the worst of our contemporary sial jambalang reside and to which other maleficence  might be dismissed!

Installation - The Koboi Balik Kampung Series, consisting of twelve 30 X 20 in silver halide prints, 2016, was installed in the Percha gallery accompanied by artifacts and traces of the performance that took place nearby, on the Lumut Waterfront on 25th Dec 2019. For the performance, Naan Anaiyttal image was rendered as a 15 ft flag banner flying on an 18ft flagstand.  The Rockin Cowboy image was presented on a T-shirt worn by Sang Nabil Utama who assisted me in the performance. Accompanying audio amplified on a Megaphone. Photographs of this performance have gone into making the Panji Pauh Ulung series.


Performance - The performance was loosely based on a Perak Malay cleansing ritual using cut limes .After 7 points of the body were rubbed with lime, I faced East and spat 7 times. I then threw the remains of the limes in the Westerly direction saying, "Pergi-lah semua sial jambalang daripada badan aku dan dari tubuh negara, pergilah ke Pusat Tasek Pauh Janggi" (‘Misfortune and spirits of evil begone from my body and from the body of the nation, begone to the Navel of the Seas!). Water was then poured over me in order to complete the cleansing.

Reception - The event was concluded with the serving of kuih pauh dilayang during the opening reception later that evening.

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