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In 1998, The visionary film critic and promoter Fumio Furuya (a.k.a Jun Edoki) brought the film ‘Muthu Oduru Maharaja‘ (Muthu Dancing Maharaja) to Tokyo audiences. Edoki  found the movie in Singapore and took a copy back with him to Japan. He watched it with his wife and they became fans. With absolute faith, Jun Edoki took the movie around to various incredulous Japanese distributors until Xanadeux released the film in 1998.


In the prevailing international marketing practice, global products are deliberately differentiated to address specific markets. This is what Roland Robertson has called dochakuka after the Japanese term dochaku… Muthu's success in Japan was a media product that ‘crossed over’ without any such a priori considerations … it made a heart-to-heart connection to become a massive box-office success sans dochakuka. 


Jun Edoki attend the performance as an honoured guest. He was invited on stage to speak and to taste the Koboi Dango (a Japanese dumpling with Indian mango pachadi filling) that was conceived and developed especially as a symbol for this performance.

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