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In the Momotaro San series of the Koboi Project, the titles are rendered in a combination of Japanese and Tamil - 1 Auto Driver, 2 Standard, 3 Possibility, 3 Arrival, 

5 Beginning, 6 Realization, 7 Doll, 8 Valour, 9 Offering, 10 Bow, 11 Feast, 12 Mass. This work encapsulates a performance which was hosted at the Courtyard Hiroo Gallery, Tokyo on 11th May 2018 as part of ‘Home' in the Expanded Field’ curated by and John Tran and Hana Sakuma. Momotaro San explores an intersection of Indian and Japanese symbols through interactions with the visionary film critic and promoter Fumio Furuya (a.k.a Jun Edoki) and Hiroyoshi Takeda who is an artist, chef (Masalawala) and Rajinikanth fan of great renown. 


I raised my Rajinikanth flag, presented an antique Momotaro doll and made a ritual serving of Koboi Dango (a dumpling with mango pickle filling). I was supported on stage by Hiroyoshi Takeda and his partner Shinji Kashima who is also chef at Masalawala as well as a musician. We were accompanied by Tara Rajah on the cello. Jane Frankish read a selection from her 'Poems on the Megaphone', and this was followed by a dance performance by the SANDOSHAM. To conclude the event generous servings of Koboi Dango was offered to the audience. 


The performance date of on 11th May 2018 was timely as Momotaro San is celebrated on on 5th May during Tango no Sekku or Gogatsu and Rajiniknath's Movie Kaala was due to be released on 7th June 2018.


The work was photographed by Durga Rajah in Nishi-Kasai, Hiroo and Shibuya.

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