Naan Anaiyittal

Athu Nadanthuvittal

Ingu Ezhaigal vedanai padamatta

Uyirullavari oru thunbamillai

Avar kanneer kadalile vizhamattar

If I make a decree

and if it comes to pass

The poor will not suffer

As Long as they live they will feel no pain

They will not fall into the sea of tears

Kalau saya memberi perintah

dan kalau ia menjadi kebenaran

Kaum miskin tidak akan menderita

Sepanjang hidupnya tanpa kecewa

dan tidak terjatuh ke lautan air mata



in Anwar Ibrahim's summation

Kalau aku diberi kuasa

Tidak ada lagi yang derita

Tidak ada lagi yang miskin mengalir air mata


Naan Anaiyttal

Lyrics by Vaali

Sung by T M Soundararajan

Ol 'boy at the bar with the stagger in his step
Looks like he's been rode hard and put up wet
Heartache's on him like stink on a skunk
He's fighting off lonely, trying to drown it with a drunk


Let the cowboy rock, let the good times roll
This is where the hurt stops or where the whiskey flows
Let him drink every drop, go, go, go 'til he drops

Let the Cowboy Rock

Lyrics by Ronnie Dunn

Sung by Ronnie Dunn

© 2018 Niranjan Rajah

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