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About The Rahu Performance

The Phra Rahu series was shot in the course of a performance at the Bangkok Biennale 2018. It was presented as a part of Taweesak Molsawat's Pavilion without PavilionThis performance invokes with the myth of young Hanuman, mistaking Suriyan (the Sun, Phra Athit) for a mango, which he tries to grasp, much to the chagrin of Phra Rahu, after whom this work is titled. Rahu was possessive over the Sun as he is the habitual eater of the sun and moon, the cause of eclipses.


As the opening section of the performance I visited the Wat Thephakorn community in Bang Plad on 31st Aug, where Khun Patchani Liangsorn ritually opened the eyes (Boek Khaneet) of a Phra Hanuman mask for this performance.

The main part of this event took place at 2nd Sept at the Huai Khwang Ganesha Shrine, Din Daeng, Bangkok in the course of daily rituals there. In this performance, Black herbal jelly, set in a mould made from an antique Suriyan icon from South India, was offered to Prha  Rahu. Golden Nam Doc Mai (mango) was offered to Prha Hanuman.


I concluded my performance by making an impromptu action at Wat Arun on the 3rd Sept.

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