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The Koboi Project

Diamond Jubilee Celebration 

International Art Gallery

Portugal Pavilion

Lisbon 6th July 2018

Preparation for two street interventions in Belem -

  1. Conceptualization
  2. Visualization

  3. Realization

  4. Documentation

  5. Dissemination

  6. Signification

Search for a meaningful action at the junction of -

  1. Art and everyday life 

  2. Profession and vocation

  3. Intervention and conviviality

  4. Performance and photography.

  5. Poetics and Politics

  6. Image and Symbol

Portugal Pavilion                                               Alfonso De Albuquerque Monument                                         Discoveries Monument


In this class, I shared my preparations for the Masterclass performance at the Portugal Pavilion as well as two impromptu photo-performances that took place at the Alfonso De Albuquerque Monument and the Discoveries Monument in Belem on 7th and 8th July 2018, respectively (the preparatory visualizations for the class and the two interventions are presented above). The participants were amateur and professional artists (and their families) from the global Ismaili diaspora. We began the class within the designated presentation space and finished outside absorbing the architecture of the Portugal Pavilion and the interactions of the masterclass itself into the spectacle and symbol of the event. The all-important task of photographing the masterclass was handed over to the participants. Danyal Ghanbary shot my Nikon D700 and my D3300 was shot collectively by the children who attended the class. The idea, processes and actions of the class were condensed into a set of photographs.

papan dijawa.jpg
Ulagam Ulagam.jpg
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